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LS European Center

Global Headquarters Office

Add:59-60 Thames StWindsor SL4 1TX London United Kingdom
Tel:+44 (0) 1753 272 000
Fax:+44 (0) 1753 272 001

LS Asia-Pacific Center

Global Headquarters Office

Add:59-60 Thames StWindsor SL4 1TX London United Kingdom
Tel:+44 (0) 1753 272 000
Fax:+44 (0) 1753 272 001

Hongkong Experience Center

Add:Unit 2209, 22/F., Wu Chung House, 213 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Tokyo Experience Center

Add:東京都千代田区丸の内1-11-1 パシフィックセンチュリープレイス8階 100-6208

About Language Spirit Limited

Providing excellent online language training and consultancy service for the whole world, Language Spirit (LS) ( is dedicated to be the global communication platform. With its’ headquarter in London, Languagespirit was founded in 2006 and now owns a rich data base of highly qualified oral language tutors from all over the world.

Languages Spirit has been known for its efficient and considerate service. “English 24 hours”( has been the most mature brand belonging to Language Spirit. Our English tutors are all experienced and qualified native teachers mostly from the English speaking countries: UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

In November 2011, after sufficient research and preparation, “Chinese 24 hours” was officially launched, which provides excellent language service by recruiting the most qualified Chinese teachers who can prepare and supervise the language courses via Skype to serve every student. If you are interested in Chinese and determined to learn well, just visit our website:

Who Will Learn Chinese

  • Chinese Family

    Families who live outside of China often wish that their children could have the opportunity to continue studying mandarin Chinese and culture. Language Spirit can help them to learn.

  • Foreigners working in China

    Mastering Chinese will be of great assistance to help you deal with difficulties at work and improve your business skills.

  • Tourists and Visitors to China

    If you want to travel or live in China, basic knowledge of the Chinese language will make your life much easier.

  • Chinese Culture Enthusiasts

    If you are a Sinophile, basic knowledge of the Chinese language will allow you to fully experience the Chinese culture. Language Spirit can help you find a Chinese teacher who can discuss the different aspects of China, Chinese culture and traditions with you.

  • Chinese Beginners

    Language Spirit can offer you various types of courses

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Our Guarantee
  • Qualification of teachers

    Every teacher at LS is selected using very strict and specific criteria. Through this process you can be certain that you will learn Chinese from professional and qualified tutors.

    Known More.


  • Tailored learning plan

    All plans will be tailored according to students’ demands and wishes.

  • Best Service

    Professional course consultants will follow every step of your learning processes and continuously provide excellent service.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn Chinese anytime and anywhere

    No matter where you are, at home, at work or on a trip, you can take online class from your teacher via Skype.

  • One to one conversation training helps you study to multiple teachers

    As a learner of the Chinese language you are free to choose the number of tutors you want to study with. Studying with native speakers will optimize your Chinese proficiency.

  • Simplify Payment Process

    Our Language Spirit Assistant is a Skype add-on which will ensure accurate billing. You are only billed for the actual minutes and seconds of your lesson.

Experienced Chinese Teachers
  • Name:zhiSarahNat:ChinaPost:Senior Lecturer
    Intro:Hello! I am a professional translator and interpreter graduated from Newcastle University (world top 3 in the translating and interpreting field). Now I have come back from UK and based in Shanghai. I worked as a Mandarin trainer 5 years ago and I have experience of teaching all ages. I am also a Business English expert, I can design a personalised and professional study plan for you and offer you customised Chinese lessons based on your level, pace, learning style and interest.
  • Name:Qin BailanNat:ChinaPost:Senior Lecturer
    Intro:Hello, dear! This is Pryme! A talkative but responsible English trainer that you'll love to practice your English with. I am not only a well-qualified English/Chinese teacher with a lot of experience but a creative and passionate person! I am now a popular English host at Yuquan campus, Zhejiang University!Believe it or not, learn with me, you'll learn more than just language. Great pleasure to meet you here. Thank you!
  • Name:Peng YanNat:ChinaPost:Senior Lecturer
    Intro:I am a passionate teacher at University community,I have 3 years experience on teaching Chinese Mandarin and have the systematic teaching method developed all by myself and worked brilliantly.I am confident,creative,motivated and flexible,also an outgoing person,I have leaving abroad for 8 years and I’d like to exchange different thoughts with people from all over the world.